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Pine: fissured bark and delicate lines of the grain - on closer inspection you can notice the ancient and eternally young face of Mother Nature.

The stone pine is the hardest frost tree species in the Alps and is located at altitudes of 1500 to over 2000 meters.

The pines were felled for centuries in the Alps in order to get alpine pastures for the cattle. Due to that fact the trees nowadays grow very slowly. However, it is possible for the trees to reach hundred or even thousand years of age, a height of 25m as well as a diameter of 1,70m.


Bizarre forms can especially be observed on free-standing trees which are exposed to high temperature fluctuations, sun, rain, frost and storms. The reddish-brown to reddish wood weathers very slowly due to its aromatic resin content lush fragrant wood which contains antibacterial ingredients.

In the mountains of the Ulten Valley, which are full of rocks and ice, Walter Unterholzner finds the remains of the trees left from the weathering process, which he then incorporates into his art.


Shape and texture of the gnarled, often strangely stunted wood with an interesting grain pattern inspire the artist to empathetic works, which are fascinating because of their simplicity and originality.


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