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Walter Unterholzner

Walter Unterholzner was born in 1970 and grew up on the farm “Obermarson” in St. Walburg, Ulten Valley (South Tyrol – Italy). Already at a very young age his exceptional feeling for shapes and textures was recognised by his father who in turn gave his six-year-old son his first whittle knife. Furthermore, during his school years Walter was noted for his distinctive drawings and creative talent and already back then he knew that there would be no other career for him than the one of the sculptor.

He went to the prestigious school for wood sculpture in St. Jakob, Ahrntal (South Tyrol), where he was also awarded for excellent achievements.In the years that followed, Walter Unterholzner has developed and perfected his craftsmanship into his own distinctive artistic expression. The inspiration to his current style arose mostly from the encounter with his partner Gabriela Steinke. It was her who encouraged him to fulfil his long-cherished dream: to incorporate the natural shape of high mountain structures, weathered swiss stone pine into his art.

The special wood is not perceived as lifeless raw material by the sensitive artist, but as an entity. Often day-long confrontation with the uniqueness of the unprocessed workpiece is necessary before he begins his artistic work. Unsurprisingly the observer senses some kind of mystery in every individual sculpture.

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